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Before the turn of the year, I decided that 2020 in part was going to be devoted to writing by starting a blog on my practice. I thought it could take whatever time needed to get started, that it would be in both English and (my native) Swedish, and that it would be published using the Kirby CMS — a CMS I had been wanting to try out for a long time but never gotten around to. It also seemed fitting as I was going to be on paternal leave for a couple of months and — slightly naively — thought that would give me time to write. And, well, then the virus happened and everything was turned upside down. And my blog did not seem as important anymore.

A couple of months into 2020 I anyway decided to make it public, mainly due to the announcement of my upcoming research project on digital preservation. Thus, the amount of texts published here so far are fewer than expected, but I have many drafts and ideas in the works and hope to be up to speed in the fall of 2020.

I am a graphic designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I am running design studio Konst & Teknik since 2006 with Mattias Jakobsson, working with digital and physical projects mainly within the arts, as well as teaching (digital) design at Beckmans College of Design since 2016.

More links at www.haraldpeter.se.

Contact information:

Email: peter@kon.st
Arena: /peter-strom
Twitter: @haraldpeter
Instagram: @haraldpeter
Web: www.haraldpeter.se